Having a varied workout helps naturally boost testosterone

Having a varied workout helps naturally boost testosterone

bodybuilding for more testosterone

The progressively decreasing testosterone a male will have to deal with as they reach their 30s, 40s and beyond is a big concern. But there are a number of ways men can focus their efforts in the gym in an effort to remain youthful, fit and overall energized for the day.

It’s important to stay motivated in the gym and being active with the types of workouts you are used to doing, while also taking the proper supplements to help your lean muscle growth and testosterone levels. But it’s important to change things up a bit.

What happens when you stay the course?

If you continue to have the same workout routine every week (i.e. upper body and lower body done on alternating days), your body will get acclimated to the exercise and will actually stop finding positive gains over time. Your body needs to be challenged often, otherwise it will plateau. Adding in a natural testosterone booster can help boost your workout performance significantly, however we highly recommend stacking any testosterone booster with a natural estrogen blocker. Without blocking estrogen, a testosterone booster can possibly raise estrogen levels.

Changing your lift amounts

For example, you should have one week where you are more focused on having a large number of repetitions – which is best done at about 50 percent of your maximum lift. Once you complete a week of that, you can move to a week where you attempt to do more of a focus on strength where you do five reps of 50 to 60 percent of your one-rep weight, then a set of three reps at about 60 to 70 percent and then one set of a single rep around 70 to 85 percent of your maximum lift.

The effects of pre-workout supplements on performance and body composition

pre workout

A brand new study reviews the top pre workout supplements before training and their effectiveness in acheiving maximum training benefits and results.

In the study, the effects of  best pre workout supplements containing caffeine, creatine and amino acids in comparison to placebo were studied.

Background of the Study

A placebo-controlled blind study with a random distribution of subjects was conducted to analyze the effects of a pre-workout supplements during a three-week assessment period, in combination with a high-intensity interval training (HIIT) on aerobic and anaerobic running performance, training volume and body composition.

Methods of study

24 moderately trained recreational athletes ( age = 21.1 + / – 1.9 years ; size = 172.2 + / – 8.7 cm , weight = 66.2 + / – 11.8 kg , VO2max1 = 3.21 + / – 0.85 l * min -1, body fat = 19.0 + / – 7.1%) were randomized to receive either a pre-workout supplement ( n = 13) or placebo (n = 11).

As a pre-workout supplement was 18 g powder (40 kcal) , consisting of a mixture with whey protein ( whey ) , caffeine, administered creatine, citrulline, ginseng and Cordyceps sinensis . The placebo also consisted of 18g powder with 40 kcal in the form of maltodextrin , and natural and artificial flavors and colors. Both supplement before training and placebo were each 30 minutes prior to workout in 235 – mixed drink 300ml of water.

Both groups participated in a three-week program ” high-intensity interval training” ( HIIT ) on three days per week , the measurements were carried out both before and after the training.

The cardiovascular fitness ( VO2 max) was analyzed via open circuit spirometer in graded exercise test on the treadmill . Also four Sprint units to exhaustion were at 110, 105 , 100 and 90 % of the treadmill speed completed to record VO2max , the distances and the time were recorded to exhaustion.

Results of the study

Both groups showed a significant increase in exercise capacity ( VO2max) from the beginning to after training. With 10.3% compared to 2.9 % increase , however , the group learned with the pre-training supplement group significantly better results .

The (critical ) Running speed increased for the pre-workout supplement group had significantly by 2.9 %, while there was no significant increase in the placebo group .

The anaerobic running capacity increased in both groups significantly through the HIIT ( 22.9% and 10.6% respectively ) .

The body fat percentage decreased from the pre-workout supplement group by an average of 3.2% ( 19.3% to 16.1 %), while decreased in the placebo group , the body fat percentage through the workout by only 1.2 % (18 , 0 % to 16.8 %).

The lean body mass increased from an average of 54.2 kg to 55.4 kg ( p = 0.035 ) for the pre- supplement group, while it decreased 52.9 kg to 52.4 kg for the placebo group (p = 0.694 ) .

The training volume was determined by adding the distances at each training session for each subject . Body fat percentage and lean body mass were measured via “air- displacement plethysmography .”


The results of the studies show significant improvements in exercise capacity (VO2max), velocity (critical velocity), anaerobic power (anaerobic running capacity), percentage of body fat (percent body fat) and lean body mass (lean body mass) by high-intensity interval training (HIIT) in conjunction with a pre-workout supplements of amino acids, creatine, citrulline and special Ergogenic. Results may be further amplified for men if they are using a natural testosterone booster for bodybuilding in conjunction with an estrogen blocker.

The placebo group was also able to (lower) recorded by the training partially improvements. Remarkable, however, is the breakdown of lean body mass without a pre-workout supplement (placebo).

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Get Better Results with the Best Pre-Workout Supplements for 2015

pre workout
There are many pre-workout supplements that will help maximize your time in the gym. They will provide more focus, help boost energy and provide stamina so you can get going and stay going during your workout to help you achieve the pump results you want. The supplements mentioned here are some of the best pre-workout supplements for 2015.

Jacked Factory’s ALTIUS

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Betancourt Nutrition Bullnox Androrush
For bodybuilders with a tight budget, Bullnox Androrush provides more bang for your buck. Although it is the least expensive pre-workout powder on the market, it doesn’t provide cheap results. Instead, it provides good pumps and boosts your testosterone levels naturally. It is suggested users take three to five servings a day to produce the best results.
DrivenSports Craze
On the opposite spectrum, Craze is one of the most expensive supplements on the market. However, it provides an immediate burst of energy and euphoric feeling after it is consumed. Craze gives guys the pumps they want when working out and its formula helps delay feelings of fatigue, which helps you keep lifting for longer. Here’s the kicker, it’s spiked with drugs, so stay clear!

This pre-workout supplement is one of the few pills to make the best list. However, it does help boost alertness and mental focus when you’re in the gym. These pills also contain natural ingredients rather than synthetic ones to provide you with the energy you need and want. Hades uses green tea, capsicum and guarana in its formula. It also is a fat-burner, giving you a leaner body that will show-off your muscles.
Anabolic Designs Stampede
Their formula will provide you with everything you expect during your workout. It contains arginine to produce nitric oxide to help feed muscles with nutrients to give good pumps. It also provides the energy and stamina needed to work long and hard.

Bodybuilding for Women – Training A & Training B

It is wrong to think that working out with weights results in a masculine body. Although men and women suffer hormonal, physiological and anatomical differences, resistance training is poorly differentiated. However men develop more strength and muscle mass than women, especially in the upper limbs. The main difference with respect to female bodybuilding is that women have a preference for the lower limbs, and abdomen. The national preference, the butt is the hottest.
Given this fact, planned a workout aimed at toning and hypertrophied thighs, buttocks and abdomen set. The upper limbs were not forgotten, since I think that weight training has to be conducted globally. The training series is divided into A and B training, to be alternated each day of training.

Ex .: do the one where the training will be held 3 times a week (Monday – workout A, Wednesday – Workout B and Friday – Workout A).
Necesario Material: mat or carpet, visors, Chair, Dumbbells and Jump Rope.
The session lasts approximately 45 Make every 45 seconds between sets. Thus, the body works almost continuously and the muscle will lightweight and achieving a progressive hypertrophy. Who is starting to work out now, must comply frequency, load repetitions and proposals in stage 1 (explained below), and who already practice regular physical activity can start in phase 2 or 3 The time to add cargo is when you feel that exercise is lightweight and can finish the series effortlessly. 1 kg of rise time.
So get to work!
Good Workout!
2 X 15
1 to 2 Kg
FROM the 3rd WEEK
3 X 12
2 to 5kg
By: Teacher Fabiano Aguiar


Before you begin, heating is essential and can be done up and down stairs or jumping rope for 5 minutes.
Free squat

Standing, legs hip width apart. Bend your knees to 90 degrees and back, keeping the upper body leaning forward slightly. The knees should not extend beyond the toes. (Requested Muscles: Quadriceps, Glutes and Thigh later).

Unilateral squat

Standing, legs apart (one in front and one behind). Bend your back knee up close to the ground, keeping the trunk line. The knee of the forward leg must not exceed the toe. (Requested Muscles: Vast lateral and medial rectus femoris and gluteus).
squat Abducted

Standing, legs apart twice shoulder width. Bend your knees to 90 degrees and back, keeping the trunk line. The knees should not extend beyond the toes.
(Requested Muscles: Quadriceps, Buttocks and adductors).

Extension with Knee Shin Guard
Sitting in a chair, do knee extension in a controlled manner without the bullwhip effect (stride) occurs. To prevent this from happening, do not make the full extent. Return to starting position. (Requested Muscle: Straight Medial Femoral and Vasto).

Hip adduction with Shin Guard
Side, legs bent up, elbow resting on the floor, leggings ankles. Raise the leg down to the knee above and back.

(Requested Muscles: short, medium and long, graceful adductors).

Crucifix with Straight Barbells

Lie. Then straighten your arms so you’ll be at the starting position. Go down the arms slightly bent to be parallel to the ground. Keep them bent throughout movement and return to starting position.
(Requested Muscles: Pectoralis Major)
Development with Dumbbells

Sit on a bench, look ahead, with the spine aligned. Hold a pair of dumbbells at shoulder height, with palms facing outward. Keep contracted abdomen and feet firmly on the ground. Hold your breath and raise the hlteres until it is positioned over your head, with almost fully extended and then exhale elbow. Slowly down the dumbbells to the starting position. (Requested Muscles: Deltoides, Trapeze and triceps).

Extension Elbows with Halter
Standing, legs hip width apart, knees slightly bent, back straight, arms behind head holding a pair of dumbbells with both hands. Extend your arms toward the ceiling, keeping your elbows locked and close to the head, and scroll down until the hands touch the nape. (Requested Muscles: The three portions of the triceps)

abdominal Supra
Lying down, legs bent, feet flat on the floor, hands on nape. Raise the trunk to 45, breathing, inspiring and down. Careful to keep the abdominals tight, your neck relaxed and your lower back into the ground. Do 20 reps, rest 1 minute and repeat the series two more times. (Requested Muscles: hip flexors, obliques greater action Straight Abdominal.)
abdominal Obliquo

Lying down, legs bent, feet flat on the floor, hands on nape. Lift and rotate the trunk looking closer the elbow of the opposite knee. Do 20 repetitions on each side, rest 1 minute and repeat the series two more times. (Requested Muscles: Oblique Abdominal and Rectal)
Stay in the position for 15 seconds.

Warm up and see the table according TRAINING A

Knee flexion with ankle weight
Standing, with the support of a cane or chair, bend the knee until the leg is at a 90 ° angle in relation to the thigh and Return to starting position. (Requested Muscles: Set of Muscles of the posterior thigh)


Legs spread shoulder-width apart and dumbbells in hands flexing the trunk until the dumbbells reach near the feet and back. Note .: the column should be aligned and knees slightly flexed. (Requested Muscles: Muscles Spinal (Lumbar) and later Thigh)

Hip extension with ankle weight

With knees and elbows on the ground, doing hip extension until the thigh is aligned with the spine and return to the starting position. The leg should be at a near 90 degree angle to the thigh.
(Requested Muscles: Posterior Thigh and Gluteus Maximus)
abduction of hips
Side, legs bent, elbow resting on the floor. Raise the top leg until the hips and back. (Requested Muscles: Glutes and Medium Low)

Rise of Hip
Lying on her back, legs flexed, extended arms beside the body. Raise and lower the pelvis slowly, keeping the abs contracted and buttocks. To intensify the exercise, place a shin guard on the pelvis.
(Requested Muscles: Posterior Thigh and Gluteus Maximus)
Plantar Flexion Vertical
Legs spread shoulder-width apart, back straight, abdominals tight. Support hands on a pole or wall. Raise your heels, standing on tiptoe and return to starting position.
(Requested Muscles: Gastrocnemius and Soleus)
Unilateral Curved Barbell Row
Standing, torso leaning forward, one foot up on a bench with the arm supported on the same side and the other holding one dumbbell. Bend that elbow back and back. At the end of the series replace the leg and repeat with the other arm.
(Requested Muscles: Back dorsi, teres major, deltoid, trapezius and rhomboids)
Shoulder abduction
Standing straight spine, abdomen contracted, semiflexionadas legs and hip-width apart, a dumbbell in each hand with your arms aligned with the shoulders and elbows semi-inflected, light dumbbells toward the side of the thighs. Return to starting position.
(Requested Muscles: Deltoids)
Elbow flexion
Standing, legs hip width apart, knees slightly bent, extended beside the body arms holding a dumbbell in each hand. Bend one elbow, bringing the weight towards the shoulder, and back, flexing the other elbow.
(Requested Muscles: brachial-radial, brachial, Bicep Arm)
infrarenal abdominal
Lying down, knees bent over the trunk and arms along the body. Bring your knees toward shoulders by removing the lumbar soil. Concentrate the strength in the abdomen and return to starting position. (Requested Muscles: Ilipsoas, the Tensor Fascia Lata, Infra-umbilical and Rectal Abdominal)
Abdominal Obliquo recumbent Side
Lying on her side, legs bent, hand up behind his head and down arm resting on the ground. Flex the trunk towards the hip (elbow toward the hip) and return to starting position